This is due to the fact that the surface of the trackway is smooth and flat, which would ease the movement of such vehicles.Nevertheless, it is unclear as to how the Corlea Trackway would have been used by the ancients.

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They also not only imitate earthen henges, but in some cases are enclosed by henges or earth-banks.

These large Neolithic circles have many stones - sometimes set cheek by jowl - and are 30 metres and more in diameter.

To date, the Corlea Trackway is the only known example of such an Iron Age trackway in Ireland, hence making it a unique archaeological discovery.

It may be said, however, that similar wooden trackways have been discovered in other parts of the British Isles, as well as in continental Europe.

As science progresses and archaeologists are forging new positive relationships with developers around Irish heritage, more secrets from Ireland’s Viking past are coming to light, and they are not just found in burial grounds, unearthed dwellings, and old settlements; they can be found in the DNA of the modern-day Irish people.

As with most of its prehistoric monuments (apart from Passage-tombs), Irish stone circles are mostly more charming than impressive: Ireland has nothing to compare with the astonishing British masterpieces such as Callanish, Castlerigg, Avebury and Stonehenge.

These were circles of boulders deriving from the kerbs of the passage-tombs which were constructed in large numbers on good low-lying farmland.

But, as with Portal-tombs, the often diminutive Irish circles are in wonderful locations, complementing rather than dominating the beautiful and even dramatic landscapes they are surrounded by as no later architecture has ever set out to do, much less achieved.

Apart from that, it has also been suggested that the trackway was not in use for a long time before it sank into the peat, which allowed it to be preserved till this day.

Finally, due to the unique nature of the Corlea Trackway, an exhibition center was built in 1994.

Within this building, which is specially fitted with humidifiers so as to prevent the ancient wood from cracking due to dryness, 18 meters (60 ft) of the Corlea Trackway is on permanent display.