I had lots and lots of students wanting to volunteer.

Last year, some of my students really struggled with the difference between dependent and independent variables. There were basically two groups of students in each section where I taught this lesson. " "Is that where people get together and smoke pot together? I have uploaded the PDF templates that I created for my students to use below.

So, this year, I set out to teach this topic better. I will think I have come up with the perfect example that will make all things clear to all students. The students who thought this was the most obvious thing we had ever done in Algebra 1. " "This is impossible." "What does the word duration mean? " I would go around and check my students' statements to make sure they were paired up correctly. They couldn't get them paired up let alone classify them as dependent or independent. If you can't get them to load, please make sure that you have Flash/Shockwave installed.

When that happens, I guess I will have to find a new favorite unit to teach.

Here is our table of contents for this unit so far...

I gave them the definition of a function and nothing else.

Then, I went through all of my released EOI test questions and copied and pasted all of the relations and/or functions into a Smart Board file. I showed them and the entire class a picture of a relation.Next, I had all of my students hold up their dry erase board to show the student.After seeing the responses of their classmates, the student had to decide whether they should keep their original answer or change their answer.My students were convinced that an input/output table was the same as a stem and leaf plot.At least they have heard of a stem and leaf plot...I instructed the students who had not volunteered to write down function or not a function.