The road change detection and updating is one of the typical issues in the map conflation field.

framework road change detection map updating-2

With this novel algorithm, an experiment was carried out by adapting the trajectories derived from floating car data with actual date, to generate a part of the current road network of Fuzhou City.

The experiment results show that the algorithm has well feasibility and achieves the better quality road network.

The system has demonstrated that it is necessary and possible to incorporate spatio-temporal modelling in a road network updating system.

used, then Entity Framework does not track any changes on those records and updating any property of the fetched record will fail in that case.

The methodology has been developed on the basis of road extraction from IRS-pan images (with a 5.8 m spatial resolution) by using a wavelet approach.

The feature matching and conflation techniques are used to road change detection and updating.We have observed that instantiating a non-trivial ( 100) number of these objects via a EF/LINQ query is expensive.For example, in one case instantiating 250 objects required about 2 seconds.For a read-only unit of work, setting is perfectly safe, since there never will be any changes.In fact, we added this change to our system two years after our initial release (so there were many, many pre-existing unit of works in the code) and the change did not break anything at all, and significantly improved performance.This work is supported financially by the university scientific research special of Fujian Province (NO.