I am no frequent porn watcher but finding this makes me really curious and I wonder what Kristen is up to. My pink lips are twitching inside my jeans and I really cannot wait to touch them now.

Something catches my eye; I'm forced to look up and there is poor Kristen, mouth open and in shock, watching this horny woman satisfy herself.

I am so embarrassed I have no idea what to say or how to react."Oh damn, Kristen, sorry.

I am surprised to see her wearing a g-string but decide not to comment on it.

Her breasts are small and I notice two tiny erect nipples through her white bra.

I decide to watch a movie and go through my DVD collection but there's nothing I am in the mood for.

I continue flipping through when I find a DVD that does not belong to me.

The soft fabric from my t-shirt is caressing my bra-less nipples and my pussy lips are rubbing together creating a delicious creaminess in the centre. I put the movie into the player, turn the volume down very low and get on the sofa in front of the TV.

After unbuttoning my jeans I stick a finger into my shaved slit and feel that my panties are completely cream-coated.

I pull my jeans down under my ass and pull my saucy pink g-string aside.