Submitted by jewelz_diamondz 08/25/11How I made my Indian sister-n-law my slut.Submitted by Ridemypole 04/08/13Teenage stepdaughter gets what she asks for. Submitted by Chris7sw 08/05/13Dad makes hot choice with his daughter.

So for those of you that feel the same, here you go.

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“We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation.”-Lily Tomlin Adult community website.

Adult profiles, chat rooms, forums, erotic stories and audios.

Submitted by indy_pop 06/12/02Mom leaves so Christina takes her place Submitted by qqnforyou6 02/08/03Sister gets caught by mom and sis.

Submitted by ANNE240 09/29/04Steve discovers Laurie and Mike "working out".

Everyone that sees this blog is a fellow phone sex or erotic audio recordings lover. Links to sites I thought you’d like that I’ve come across, some little things I’ve written and recorded you might enjoy listening to.

If you’ve chatted with me, even if you didn’t have the elusive voice I seek, hopefully you felt I was a nice, sweet girl.

Submitted by Littlelady360 02/21/14More Random Incest/Taboo6 Pages: Danny & the girls take the fun upstairs.